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Full sized billet of EPS (click to enlarge).


EPS Block on laydown

Operator preparing to cut a block of foam to required length (click to enlarge).


Billet on scale

Block mold operator weighing block as it exits the block mold (click to enlarge).

Billet and Block Products

Utilizing the latest in molding technology, Versa-Tech manufactures a wide range of EPS Billet Products.

  • UNTRIMMED BILLET SIZES: 38″ X 50″ X 8′ up to 16′.


  • STANDARD DENSITY RANGES PER CUBIC FOOT: .70#, 1.0#, 1.25#, 1.5#, 2.0# and 2.5#
  • RECYCLED CONTENT: Versa-Tech offers two standard material types containg recycled content:
    1.0# WITH 10% RECYCLED CONTENT – This material meets all ASTM C-578 standards for Type I Expanded Polystyrene. Recommended uses are Commercial Roof Insulation, Laminated Panel Cores, Above and Below Grade Sheathing or for most ASTM Type I specified product applications. 1.0# WITH 40% – 50% RECYCLED CONTENT- Recommended for general use, non-construction applications. Often utilized as protective packaging, this product blends post-consumer and manufacturing EPS waste, reducing material cost and easing waste stream demand.
  • EXTERIOR INSULATION FINISH SYSTEMS (EIFS) APPROVED BILLETS: Some manufacturers view EIFS as a commodity product – Not so at Versa-Tech. We view EIFS as one of the most quality critical products we produce. We are not satisfied with merely meeting manufacturers specifications. We manufacture to standards exceeding industry specifications. For example, industry standards specify force curing of billets for 5 days at 140 degrees farenheit. Versa-Tech maintains a standard of force curing until all evidence of moisture is gone. On average, we cure for 11 days. We then certify the product cured and maintain records showing actual cure time. Ask any other manufacturer how long they cure and to provide certified cure times!
  • LOT TRACEABILITY – Versa-Tech provides full lot traceability and record management on all billet products – whatever your application may be. Rest assured, Versa-Tech, Inc. manufactures to precise Quality Standards and maintains historical manufacturing data to stand behind our products.


Versa-Tech, Inc