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January 7, 2010

Section I

Chemical Name Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)

Chemical Family Polystyrene

Formula (C8H8)n with flame retardant additive

Section II Hazardous Ingredients

Non when residual pentane blowing agent is reduced to level described in Section IX

Section III Physical Data

Boiling Point Not applicable

Solubility in Water None

Specific Gravity Apparent Density 1.0 to 2.0 pcf density

Percent Volatile by Volume (pentane & water) 0.18% (see Section IX)

Evaporation Rate Not applicable

Appearance and Odor Rigid cellular foam block or board – no odor

Section IV Fire and Explosion Hazard Date

Extinguishing Media Water fog, CO2, dry chemical

Special Fire Fighting Procedure None

Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards May emit large volume of dense, black smoke

Section V Health Hazard Data

Threshold Limit Value None

Effects of Overexposure None

Emergency and First Aid Procedures None

Section VI Radioactivity Data

Stable Yes

Incompatibility None

Hazardous Decomposition Products None

Hazardous Polymerization Will not occur

Conditions to Avoid None

Section VII Spill or Leak Procedures

Steps to be taken in case material is released or spilled: normal good housekeeping should be observed in properly disposing of scrap material.

Waste Disposal Method: According to local ordinances.

Section VIII Special Protection Information

Respiratory Protection None – may act as obstruction if swallowed

Ventilation None

Protective Gloves None

Eye Protection Safety glasses recommended to avoid mechanical irritation from dust if saw fabricating

Section IX Special Precautions

Immediately after molding expanded polystyrene into blocks, the residual blowing agent, pentane, entrapped within the blocks ranges from about 2.0 to 3.0% by weight. The blocks are then stored at room temperature or at an elevated temperature (e.g., 130oF) to reduce the entrapped pentane and moisture to less than 1% by weight (0.18% by volume) dimensional stabilization. The block storage areas must be, therefore, adequately ventilated to avoid build up of pentane vapors.

If the product in block or board form is to be fabricated by hot-wire cutting, work areas should be ventilated to avoid a build-up of processing fumes.

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