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Geofoam Specifications

General Specifications

Expanded Polystyrene Geofoam


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Versa-Tech brand Geofoam is intended for use as fill product, soil stabilization, re-tension structures, various built-up roadway applications and generally as an alternative for engineered Geotechnical design challenges.


Versa-Tech brand Geofoam is to be manufactured with and/or in accordance to:

  • ASTM D6817 standard specifications for rigid cellular polystyrene Geofoam types: EPS12, EPS15, EPS19, EPS22, EPS29, EPS 39 and EPS46.
  • Recycle Content
  • Particular engineering job specifications.
  • Block size of 37″ X 50″ X 96″ or to non-standard/custom dimensions. Shop or Field Fabrication allowed.
  • Block to be manufactured using only U.L. approved, flame retardant, resins. Jobs may specify the use of only domestically produced resins.
  • Termite treatment available upon request.
  • 10 year “Physical Properties” warranty covering ASTM D6817 specifications. Please see Geofoam Warranty for details.
  • All blocks to be labeled with manufacturer’s identification, material type and lot traceability information.


Versa-Tech manufactures all Geofoam expanded polystyrene to meet ASTM D6817 Standards. All testing conducted under ASTM D6817 standard protocol.

  • Testing frequency or rate may be specified by engineer or default to Versa-Tech standard frequency of: test first 100 cubic yards of each material type followed by one test per 750 cubic yards . All testing to follow ASTM D6817 standards and procedures.
  • Versa-Tech shall maintain all lot traceability and testing data for no less than 10 years post material installation.

Job Site Material Protection

  • Contractors shall unload, handle and stage EPS blocks in a manner whereas not to “damage product”.
  • EPS is not to be exposed to sun light for periods exceeding 6 months. Versa-Tech requires material coverage with ultra-violet proof materials for EPS storage outside of 6 months or greater.
  • EPS is not to be exposed to petroleum based solvents, fuels, acetone, benzene paint products or thinners.
  • EPS is not to be exposed to open flame.
  • Materials are to be secured at the job site to prevent wind damage, moisture exposure and/or vandalism.
  • Handling, placement and equipment related damage shall be limited to material displacement or loss of less than 5 cubic feet.
  • Any damages sustained during unloading and/or job site installation are the contractors responsibility.
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